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Facebook Fun

A few days ago, I was notified by my mom that she was VERY interested in my losing weight and that the article I posted just a few minutes ago.  The only problem is that I had JUST gotten to my office.  As a result, I knew it COULDN’T be me.  As a result, I had to… (read more)

Blog Rewrite

I am in the process of reworking the old articles and starting to refresh the data and add information that has been piling up.  I have been answering questions on persponal time over in ANSWERS.YAHOO.COM and I will be adding many of the ones that I have seen over an over here.  I dont like the… (read more)

Free stuff – Books/Audio/

I was reading my headlines one night and stumbled across this reference to FREE EBOOKS.  I cant turn down a FREE EBOOK, so I went to see what they had.  The site is called OPEN CULTURE. What I found was that they have a ton of free everything.  Free Courses Free Audio Books Free Movies… (read more)

Security Questions on web forms?

I have ALWAYS hated this topic.  I think that storing more personal information that you have to guard is worse than forgetting a password or having to reset an account.  With all the mention of security breaches, system hacking and database insecurity, storing this data on a poorly managed system can lead to weeks (if… (read more)


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